Sunshine Believes

  • To nurture & develop young minds to realize their dreams

  • To provide a healthy, playful & happy learning ambience

  • To provide a non-competitive, stress free & open environment to students

  • To impart real life application based education

Know Sunshine

SUNSHINE WORLDWIDE SCHOOL is a co-educational CBSE affiliated school (affiliation number 2830004). It is a school with a happy, supportive atmosphere which follows an evolved system of education. An exciting curriculum is combined with a full programme outside the classroom. The use of efficient modern technology, further facilitates and enhances a 'Child-centric' approach. ‘Students are groomed into confident,responsible, talented and complete individuals.

In all its programme’s, Sunshine Worldwide School seeks to discover and nurture the special gifts each student possesses, to deepen each student’s understanding of the complexities of the world and to inspire each to his or her full potential.test

Director's Message

Exams, if one is right, were intended to gauge the volume of knowledge the students have gained over the course of the academic year. However, in recent days, they have become an arena of competition. The students are pitted against each other in pursuit of high percentages and thus end up feeling exhausted and stressed. The mechanism intended to test their knowledge has thus become a cause of suffering for the students. It is therefore no wonder that voices are being raised to put an end to exams for good.

Mr. Deepak Khaitan, the director of Sunshine worldwide School is one of those voices of that call for exam-less education. Mr. Khaitan believes that students should be motivated to learn for the sake of learning, and be driven by curiosity and scope for application of knowledge they acquire.

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Principal's Message

"Growing old is mandatory and growing wise optional"

I am happy to associate with the Sunshine family. I consider it a privilege to lead this vibrant group.

I am a native of Puducherry and have moved around a bit during my school days and in my professional career. It has helped me to learn and also add value to the institutions I have associated with.

I can very much relate to the philosophy and culture of the Sunshine family. Educating for “Learning to Learn” must imply something more than the mere development of rote skills. We all will agree that, being proficient at rote skills is not the same thing as being educated.

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