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Feedback form for inquiry project 2014-15


Do you feel that the inquiry project topic (Personal cleanliness and cleaning the environment) is benefiting your child?

I would like to appreciate these types of projects. She takes care of her toys and puts them at proper place. She now throws the wrappers and other waste in the dustbin and even instructs others in the colony to keep the place clean. The best thing is now she never forgets to wash her hand before and after eating food. I am looking forward to such type of projects.

Parent of Arnaa Ranga




Do you feel that the inquiry project topic ( Save Water) is benefiting your child?

Yes, This project is benefitting my child as he has stopped playing with water balloons and he is not wasting much water while having bath. Now he knows the importance of saving water.

Parent of Ziyad

Class LKG



Do you feel that the inquiry project topic ( Usage of technology) is benefiting your child?

Of course our son has shown tremendous improvement in his daily routine. He has reduced spending time watching TV, playing Video games and now he takes more interest spending time  in outdoor play, cycling and playing with his siblings. He has developed awareness of active living and it is really a great project. Thank you so much

Parent of Adwaiy Bhagat


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