We are committed to making SWS providing holistic education, while keeping in mind every child’s individual learning styles and multiple intelligences.
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Know Sunshine

In 2003, when Deepak Khaitan along with his mother, Mrs. Swaran Khaitan and wife, Mrs. Sapna Khaitan decided to set up his first school, he chose a Old Goa village on Kadamba Plateau, about 11 km East of Panaji.

Sunshine Worldwide is at an altitude of 50 metres. The natural surroundings keep the area cool, the water drawn from deep bore well is fresh and potable; and, in the absence of any industries, the atmosphere is remarkably clean and clear.

The Campus

Sunshine Worldwide school campus of around 9000 sq. mtrs, has almost 4500 sq meters of covered area with all class rooms equipped with latest technology smart boards, separate rooms for music, art, dance, drama, apparatus, nursing etc.. The school has a small football ground, a cricket pitch for net pratise, volley ball and kho-kho ground apart from the two swing area one each for juniors and seniors. The whole school campus is covered with a layer of trees along the borders and grounds.

The winter sees a lot of migrating birds around the campus as we are just a kms away from the officially declared Bird Preserve at Carambolim.

Educational Philosophy

The intention of the schools run by Sunshine is to awaken the intelligence of the student so that he or she may 'flower in goodness'. The cultivation of a global outlook and a concern for our fellow human beings are all part of this scheme of education. Some further goals of the educational philosophy of Sunshine are:

  • To educate students so that they are able to explore both the natural world and the world of feeling.
  • To inculcate a love for nature and respect for all forms of life.
  • To create an atmosphere of affection, order and freedom without either fear or licence.
  • Not to condition students in any particular belief, either religious, political or social, so that their minds may remain free to ask fundamental questions, enquire and learn.