We are committed to making SWS providing holistic education, while keeping in mind every child’s individual learning styles and multiple intelligences.
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Climate and Culture

Climate and Culture of our School

We greet everyone we come across every time with a smile and NAMASTE!

We touch the feet of our elders if we wish doing so ...

If someone asks us how are you?. We say Blessed and Happy” (unconditionally)

We keep smiling always, in all situations

We are always punctual and use time effectively and creatively

We are Honest and Trust each other

We build and nurture relationships

We have age appropriate responsibility with freedom 

We encourage, inspire, motivate and support others at all times

We are soft spoken, courteous, well-mannered, and polite; we avoid using foul language and shouting

We are very loving and friendly towards everyone

We use affirmations as we know that we should speak what we want and not what we have and do not want

We are compassionate and transfer positive energy to all

We are continuous self-learners; we nourish and share knowledge

We create conditions for creativity and innovation

We recognise and nurture our unique natural talent and Multiple Intelligence

We encourage learning by experiencing and being with nature

We live being ourselves

We understand the ritual and reason of doing everything, by asking why, to know the need of doing it

We take ownership of all resources

We create a vision of excellence over mediocrity and promote next practises

We are lively, energetic, enthusiastic and caring

We respect each others space, opinions and feelings

We help each other to learn and grow together as a TEAM

We take corrections / criticism positively and use them constructively

We look for and speak only positive about others

We speak about negatives directly to the concerned person instead of unnecessarily talking to others about them

Always Think Win - Win

We enjoy everything we do and stay joyfully always

We do not ring bells in the School which helps in Time Management.

Theme of the Year 2015-16

Striving for quality, building stronger relationship