We are committed to making SWS providing holistic education, while keeping in mind every child’s individual learning styles and multiple intelligences.
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 Sunshine Worldwide School Library:

“Keep calm and Read a book”

No better place than the library to prove the above quote right. We have a well equipped library with more than 5000 story books and around 600 reference books for our students to read and research on. We have a separate section for our teachers which consist of reference books and novels.  The sitting arrangements in the library are designed in a way where the children can make themselves comfortable and read at leisure. Our aim is to have a wide range of books for the children of all ages and grades to develop the love for reading books. The more the students read the faster their spoken and written language will improve.                                                                                                        


Here we have ‘pre bought’ books that we would like to be included in the library. A Parent or well wisher who wishes to donate books to the library can choose from the Book Bank and do the payment accordingly. There are books for various grades and in various genres. Any further details on Book Bank you may contact the school library.



The wish list as we know is never ending. We as students, teachers and parents always have a list of books ready to be added to the library.


Here are a few links on story books and periodicals.


www.amightygirl.com/books/personal-development/values (books on values)

www.niir.org (Entrepreneur Journal) 



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